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It has become a very popular phenomena, the electronic cigarette trend that is taking the world by storm. People are smoking e cigarettes more than ever, mostly because of social acceptance of this product in the last few years. The makers of these electronic products claim to have the ability to sell an electronic version of a traditional cigarettes. It is said to have the same amount of nicotine, and provide the same amount of satisfaction that a regular cigarette will. Unfortunately, some people debate over whether or not this is true, or if some brands are actually better than others. Let’s take a look at what electronic cigarettes are, and a couple of the more popular brands that you will find in electronic cigarette reviews.

What Are Electronic Cigarettes?

Ecigs are battery powered cigarettes that are in essence a vaporizer which is able to take a liquid solution with nicotine in it, allowing people to inhale this water vapor solution to obtain similar amounts of nicotine typically contained within a traditional cigarette. This technology has only been around for a couple years, but it is slowly becoming more popular than traditional cigarettes, especially among those that are trying to quit smoking. It is a much healthier habit in that tobacco and chemicals that are used in the production of cigarettes are not part of this product. All there is is an atomizer, a flavor vapor cartridge with nicotine and an e-liquid, and a charger that will either work on your computer or can be plugged into an outlet.

How Do Ecigs Compare To Regular Cigarettes?

The answer to this question really depends upon who you ask. If you are talking to a heavy smoker, the answer is going to be not so great. If you are talking to someone that smokes a pack every month, they will probably be completely satisfied. The reverse could also be true as it is completely subjective, and the companies that produce these electronic cigarettes are also very different in and of themselves. The way that they deliver the tobacco taste can either provide a full flavor substitute for regular cigarettes, or it could leave people longing for something else. There are many electronic cigarette reviews that you can read online that will give you a basic understanding of what works the best.

What Do Most Reviews Say About Ecigs?

If you read most of the reviews about electronic cigarettes, you will find that there are several companies that are always in the top three. V2 is a very popular brand, although they are probably the most expensive out of all of them. Atlantic is a company that produces a good product, and is typically the lowest by 50%. In the middle, you have Halo which is a top three favorite on most of the websites that you will find not only because of the price, but the product itself. If you’re going to try any of them, you might want to go with Atlantic to get a feel, and then try something like Green Smoke which is an excellent brand, but not at the highest price point.

People that are interested in lining their way to stop their addiction to cigarettes will definitely find something of value when trying ecigs for the first time. It will certainly curb their cravings for nicotine, although it’s hard to eliminate the look, feel and smell of a regular cigarette with this electronic product. Many people become addicted not only to nicotine, but the action of smoking, lighting up, and the smells associated with the product. Over time, however, by using e cigarettes, you may be able to stop smoking completely, a goal that millions of people have throughout the world.

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