What Are Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits?

An eCig (electronic cigarette) is a clever device that can be used wherever and whenever you need to pull a drag on a cigarette. Unlike traditional cigarettes, it emits a vapor and pulls a hit of nicotine without producing smoke. In fact, it works as a viable alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, and helps you avoid bans on smoking indoors, which is enforced in many states. eCig suppliers offer electronic cigarette starter kits from various manufacturers.

Millions of smokers have wanted to quit but found smoking alternatives ineffective, including nicotine candy, gum and patches. These methods have been proven unsuccessful at assisting smoke cessation. This is because these methods do not include the most necessary component of the smoking process – the physical sensation of drawing in vapor and taking a hit of nicotine on the back of the throat. Because electronic cigarettes produce this sensation, it continues to be a successful alternative to smoking.

An e-cigarette looks almost identical to traditional cigarettes, and work the same way. However, there is no burning tobacco, no actual tobacco smoke, and no flame. Instead, the e-cigarette operates on a battery in conjunction with an atomizer and liquid nicotine cartridge to form a “cartomizer.” This cartomizer generates vapor laced with nicotine to produce a very similar sensation of smoking.

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

There are numerous varieties of electronic cigarette starter kits available for sale. Some are highly functional, while others include a sense of style in their design. Nearly every starter kit is sold with a few nicotine cartridges, at least one battery, a USB charger and a travel charger. The kits typically come with one short battery and one long battery.

The short batteries last approximately one to two hours and can provide up to 200 drags or puffs of vapor. Long batteries last approximately 2 to 4 hours and can produce approximately 350 puffs of vapor. The batteries can be recharged using the travel charger or USB charger connected to a computer.

Nicotine Filled Cartridges

Manufacturers sell a huge assortment of ready filled nicotine cartridges that provide phenomenal taste at an affordable price. Generally, one cartridge can produce the smoking equivalent of a pack (twenty) cigarettes.

The Cartomizer

Electronic cigarette that are manufactured with a cartomizer have revolutionized electronic “smoking.” This atomizer and liquid storage cartridge makes the “smoking” process simple. The nicotine liquid inside the storage cartridge drips inside the device, which is then heated up to produce vapor. The cartomizer produces a more consistent flavor than older models that are built with an atomizer. Cartomizers are manufactured in two different varieties including ceramic and traditional.

The best method for getting started on using e-cigarettes is to begin with an electronic cigarette starter kit. This is because it has all the components you will need to finally quit smoking and instead use an enjoyable alternative. In fact, it will produce an effective nicotine hit, to satisfy your urge, and fulfill the need to place a cigarette to your lips to draw a natural hit of nicotine.

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